Fleastock - Company Message
 Where a Flea Market Meets Music Fest!
2nd Week in Aug Every Year!
Aug 9th, 2014
From 10:00am to 5:00pm
Fleastock is a GREAT Festival that mixes Flea & Rummage, Vendors, Food & Wine, Crafters, Farmers Market, Artists, Antiques, Talent & Entertainers, Clothing, Photography, Jewlry and so much more! We add in some very FuNcKy Bands and you have One FUN Filled Day!!!!!! Anything & Everything is At FLEASTOCK! Our Vendors and even our customers Dress aS CrAzY aS
a LoOn! We just think its Good Fashion!! So Come and have FUN!!!!
Located at 2-Jo's farm & Western Town in Van Horne, Iowa. 2-Jo's has a bit of everything! Murder Mystery Dinners, Halloween & Fall Events, Sleigh Runners Village, A Western Town and Santa Himself keeps his Real Reindeer there and Visits often!
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Fall FUN!!! The Crow & Cauldron Fall Shop Hop!! Located in Chelsea, Iowa!! Don't miss it!!!!

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